Contract Maker

Contract Maker is a telegram bot built to help a relative manage their property renting needs.

This bot was custom built so the user could generate contracts with a simple chatbot instead of a long process of manually entering all the data for each new tenant.

Additionally, the bot generates monthly income reports and sends a reminder a few weeks before each renewal via email.

This program has reduced time spent on contract creation by nearly 90% which is a testament to automation and it’s benefits.


  • Automatically calculates the ending date of the contract
  • User can view any existing contracts as a pdf or a word file
  • Photo scan feature allows the user to send a screenshot of the tenants aadhar/other and the bot extracts the information


    Python running on a Raspberry Pi 4

Test Reminder Bot

I built bits test to remind me of upcoming quizzes, tests or assignments.

Bits_test bot allows me to add/delete courses and later view upcoming components.

Additionally it sends me an email a few days before any upcoming component.


    Python running on a Raspberry Pi 4


TheGrounds began back in September 2020, over time it evolved adding more and more softwares/websites. Currently TheGrounds is a suite of the following:

All of the above are regularly updated to keep bugs to a minimum and to add new features. While there are less than 20 users mostly friends, I find that TheGrounds was a great learning experience, and the data privacy and control over features are unbeatable.

Most of TheGrounds software are very valuable to me personally since I use them a lot in the day to day.